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Hi there! You've found my digital commonplace book. :)
I hope you feel welcome to stay awhile and say hello!
Site Log
08/30/23: I'M ALIVE.. I want to make something that's a little more alive than an art gallery! As of right now, I kind of want to turn aumarau into a digital commonplace book, a little boat of my own surfing the peripheral web, and with a greater capacity for exchange with the other boats and lands I bump into. Today I simply removed the art spotlight and changed my directory.
02/19/23: Yesterday's momentum carried into today!! I lined everything up, added backgrounds, gifs, and hyperlinks to pages that exist now.
02/18/23: Decided to blow away the dust! I lost sight of this project once the spring semester started up again and I haven't worked with html in awhile, but I'm excited to pick it back up again if I can spare the time. I fleshed out my existing code and added an art spotlight. Minor design work, testing new colors and table boxes.
12/13/22: [site birthday! Around this time I established flexboxes for nav, article, aside, and footer sections- as well as began sketching rough designs for what the site might eventually look like.]